What distinguishes an ordinary resume writing company from an outstanding one? Simply put, a great resume writing company understands not only the contemporary market, but the nuances that make up each person’s professional skill set. Depending on the specific job that one is seeking, the type of resume needed will change. Consider the difference between applying for an entry level position versus that of a corporate executive officer. In each case, the resumes of these individuals will naturally emphasize different levels of experience and specific industry skills.


The resume of a CEO, for example, must encompass a career that will undoubtedly contain decades of professional experience within only one or two pages. The resume of an entry level worker, by contrast, will likely focus in on educational experience, as well as career goals they hope to meet by virtue of seeking a certain position. While brevity is key for both candidates, understanding how best to either condense a lifetime’s worth of experience into a few pages or expand upon one’s aspirations is a task best left to a professional resume writer.


Excellent resume writers also possess the gift of perspective. After a potential job candidate relays their experiences to a writer, that writer is able to quickly select the experiences that have the most relevance and attention-grabbing qualities for a potential recruiter. This is because the writer, like the recruiter, is meeting the applicant for the first time. Unlike a recruiter, the writer is there to help accentuate the candidate’s best features and assist them with breaking through the often highly competitive first round.

Writers can also help candidates by asking them specific questions based on their industry. The resume of a person applying to be the operations manager of a manufacturing company, for example, should have different types of skills listed than the resume of a person applying to become the office manager of an electronic retail outlet located in a rural area. The ability to speak multiple languages might be very beneficial to the operations manager position, but may not be as important for the office manager position. Ultimately, understanding how to convey relevant strengths in a format that is captivating yet focused separates job holders from job seekers.