Although the internet has made seemingly made it easier to apply for a new job, the truth of the matter is that most businesses and recruiters now receive hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes for every position they post. Job seekers begin to think of the process of applying for a job as a kind of full time job in of itself. The time involved in applying for half a dozen to a dozen positions daily is considerable, and for those with a poorly written resume, the rewards are usually very paltry. It’s common knowledge within the industry that the average amount of time a recruiter will spend looking at a resume tops out at around six seconds. Therefore, it is vital when looking for a job to present the most eye-catching, engrossing, and well-written resume possible.


Of course, not every person seeking a job is an excellent writer. Some candidates possess incredible math or science skills, but may not be the best at portraying those skills to a potential employer via a resume. Happily, resume writing services houston can quickly transform the resumes of the most language-challenged individuals into sparkling, highly competitive contenders.

Most resume writing services ask the candidate for basic information about their employment history, as well as a summary of their top skills and strengths. The service then describes these skills and strengths in glowing, recruiter-friendly language. Crafting a winning resume isn’t about being boastful, but being accurate. The better and more precise the writing is, the more likely a future employer will find precisely the candidate they are seeking, and vice versa.

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As an example, a candidate who is seeking a project management position within an architectural office may have fantastic drawing skills, but a difficult time conveying those technical abilities in a written format. They may find writing time-consuming, or simply not helpful in their work. For this type of candidate, they will want to seek a position within an office that values incredible drawing talent combined with a strong work ethic. The job candidate would not, however, want to take on a position that required a great deal of written evaluation, for example. By hiring a resume writing service that can clearly convey these strengths in a way that catches a recruiter’s eye, both the candidate and their future employer can find the ideal match.

Resume writing services can also assist candidates with updating and tweaking their existing resumes. In some cases, a candidate may have been with a particular company for several years or decades, and is returning to the job market unfamiliar with the current jargon and formatting requirements. As an example, some industries prefer that candidates lead with a “mission” or stated purpose that defines their employment objective. Other industries prefer a more technically focused resume, with the mastery of certain computer software programs or other specific technology listed near the top of the document. Whatever the industry, an excellent resume writing service will be able to provide professional advice at an affordable rate.